More is better – Marty’s move to London will increase his chances of finding a spouse

Recently Marty published calculations of his chances of mating in Wellington. It turned out that he currently has just under 2,000 females to choose from.

In few months Marty will be migrating from the female-scarce city of Wellington to female-abundant London. So, I figured I would carry out the same calculation for my good friend and see what chances he will have in London of finding ‘the one’.

I will be consistent and keep Marty’s methodology  and his personal preference assumptions. But, since Marty does not live in London, yet, I will allow myself the creative freedom of assuming that he will live in the more hip part of town.

Data used is from the ONS and has been adjusted for population growth when needed. Let’s dive into the calculation.

Population of London: 8,400,000
Population of nearby suburbs: 691,338*
Females nearby: 350,856
Females nearby in Marty’s age range: 81,754
Females nearby in Marty’s age range with university education:  49,052**

So Marty’s pool of potential spouses will grow by 2,455% when he makes his move to London.

*Camden, Islington and Hackney are Marty’s most likely choice

**according to the ONS 6 out of every 10 people living in inner London were graduates in 2013.



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