The honest robot

An honest robot?

Calculated but honest

Over the last few months I have been having a series of interesting conversations, or debates, with my favourite friend. In conclusion of our chats this friend of mine has determined that I have a ‘robotic’ side of my personality. While I don’t think she is wrong I prefer to call this side of my personality Mr Homo-Eikonomus as it derives its behaviour from the economic models I studied and utilise every day in my work.

As my friends robotic metaphor suggests, this side of me is cold, logical and calculated. My friend is both very intelligent and tells it like it is. As a result I have taken this criticism seriously. I have had a second look at my self and how I view the world and if I need to rethink the proportion of my personality that I allow Mr Homo-Eikonomus to dominate.

But, thankfully I ran into this post by Tim Harford. According to Tims blog the robotically thinking economists are not necessarily colder, more logical and calculated then other people. In fact they might just be more honest then their fellow homo-sapiens, at least when it comes to answering questionnaires. So, While Mr Homo-Eikonomus might be making me look and sound more robotic in my debates with my friend he might also be making me more honest. So next time you see me I might still be part robot, but at least you can rest assure that I am telling the truth.





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