5.2% of everybody saw Justin Timberlake last night—in Iceland

Last night Justin Timberlake (JT) sent the roof flying of some unpronounceable sporting arena in Iceland. While a well-executed concert by one of my generation’s greatest pop icons is always good news I found the attendance statistic even more interesting.

The concert was attended by no less than 17,000 people. That might sound like peanuts when comparing that to what JT can pull here in the UK or the US. But in relative terms this is huge.

In fact, it seems as if JT has topped him self. JT managed to get 5.2% of the entire population of Iceland attend his concert in Kópavogur. To put this into context, if JT wanted to top that in, say China, he would have to find a concert hall that could fit almost the entire population of a large European nation—71 million.

For your amusement we have carried out a simple calculation and produced a little graph to see how many tickets JT will have to sell in other countries to beat his record in Iceland (millions of tickets sold on vertical axis).



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