GRID makes Excel 100x better.

Recently I discovered a fantastic tool for Excel users. The tool is called GRID ( and it helps Excel users summarise, simplify, and beautify their spreadsheets (which often are messy and hard for non-creators to navigate).

The tool is very simple to use and all you need to get going is a browser and a spreadsheet.

I contacted a hotel in Iceland and offered to do a bit of cost-benefit analysis. I knew that the manager was contemplating the financial sense in opening the hotel restaurant for lunch. There were number of scenarios which he wanted to model, but he lacked the in-house Excel know how to to it effectively.

I offered him to do a bit of Excel work and instead of delivering him a big spreadsheet with a messy dashboard (which he is no fan of) I produced a report and a scenario calculator for him in GRID. The 1 minute video below shows how the spreadsheet looked like and then how the GRID document looks like.

Video comparison of the original spreadsheet and the GRID document.

The report I made can be viewed (and scenarios played with) here:

The scenario calculator is available to all here:

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