What is Eikonomics?

Eiki + economics ≈ Eikonomics.”*.  Something like that must have gone Danni’s head when he referred to me as Eikonomics in 2009. I thought it was quite funny and a few years later when I first started blogging a took it up as the official name of my pop-econ blog.

The first Eikonomics project must have been the audiobook “Econ 375, advanced microeconomics – lecture notes by Murat”. I must admit, the algebra sounded even worse when narrated in my own voice. Following that, with contributions from a good friend Marty, I started writing about random things. The general theme of the blog started out as non-boring economic topics told in a as non-boring manner as an economist can.

Non-boring economic topics remains a theme of this blog, but it has also been expanded into other topics analysed through the eyes of the economist (in other words fun themes analysed through the boring eyes of an economist).

Thank you for visiting my page, I appreciate it.


If you have questions, ideas or simply want to chat, get in touch either via Email (eiki at eikonomics dot eu) or message me on Facebook or Twitter (I do not really use social media much, but I open the apps for some time most days).

*The true calculation that went through Danni’s head is: (Eiki/i) * (economics/ec) = Eikonomics


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