About Eikonomics


I am not too photogenic, so closed eyes an bad hair is the best I can do

What’s the story?

The name is purely a bad pun on my name (Eiki + economics ≈ Eikonomics*) which a friend of mine, Danni, came up with when we were studying for our first ever economics exam.  Few years later, during the Harry Potter audiobook boom, the original Eikonomics project was born. My plan was to capitalise on this newly popularised format by publishing my own audiobook “Econ 375, advanced microeconomics – lecture notes by Murat“. It didn’t work, turns out people do not like algebra read out to them in my voice.

Following that, with contributions from a good friend Marty, I started writing either about all types of topics and relating them to economics or writing about economic topics and trying to make them relatable to non-economist readers. Unsurprisingly, that concept was a success and the regular readers of this blog are now in the dozens. Dozens.

In 2017 I started writing for the Icelandic online news publication Kjarninn and my articles are now published in Icelandic as a part of my fixed column (Eikonomics) there twice-monthly as well as they are being printed in their print publication, Mannlíf.

And that is it. Thank you for visiting my page, I really do appreciate it.

If you have questions, ideas or simply want to chat, get in touch either via Email (eiki at eikonomics dot eu) or message me on Facebook or Twitter (I am active on Twitter, but not so much on FB).

*The true calculation is: (Eiki/i) * (economics/ec) = Eikonomics


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