Central Bank of Iceland has a predictable problem

The Icelandic central bank has a tricky problem. They  have to make a long(ish) term predictions about inflation for the tiny island of Iceland. As Iceland makes almost nothing it consumes and most of what it makes is produced using resources from abroad The price level in Iceland is extremely sensitive to the depreciation ofHalda áfram að lesa „Central Bank of Iceland has a predictable problem“

Why do women pay more for a haircut?

This article originally appeared  as a part of my regular column at Kjarninn.is. The original article is still available here (in Icelandic). I plan on publishing all my articles here on my blog in English (with some delay). Please forgive any typos as I can only afford so much time on translating the articles.  AHalda áfram að lesa „Why do women pay more for a haircut?“

Heimat and the market

Heimat is a German word with no good English equivalent. It describes the relationship of a person to a specific geographic (or social) unit. I myself have few Heimat’s. Iceland is one of them and Eherenfeld, my neighbourhood in Germany is another. It is my view that Ehrenfeld is the nicest neighbourhoods in the cityHalda áfram að lesa „Heimat and the market“