Fake data: How bitcoin can (not!) predict the future of Tesla stock price

I was running through my Twitter feed the other day and stumbled upon a a tweet by a fellow Icelandic economist, Viðar Ingason: Mjög gaman að sjá hvað öllum langar til að spá fyrir um toppinn á Tesla. Allt í lagi með það. En svona graf segir einmitt ekki neitt. Þetta kallast spurious correlation ogHalda áfram að lesa „Fake data: How bitcoin can (not!) predict the future of Tesla stock price“

The speed limit on the Autobahn

The Autobahn is a world-famous German system of motorways. From afar it is not possible to distinguish the Autobahn from motorway systems in other countries. However, the Autobahn is very different in one way: on most of the Autobahn there are no speed limits. Want to drive 160? 180? 240? Fine, then do that. Obviously,Halda áfram að lesa „The speed limit on the Autobahn“

What is Scrooge McDuck really worth?

This article originally appeared  as a part of my regular column at Kjarninn.is. The original article is still available here (in Icelandic). I plan on publishing all my articles here on my blog in English (with some delay). Please forgive any typos as I can only afford so much time on translating the articles.  IHalda áfram að lesa „What is Scrooge McDuck really worth?“