Are movies getting longer?

The other day I was watching the fantastic film Spotlight. After two hours and eight minutes the film concluded and two thoughts popped into my mind. First thought related to how incredibly important investigative journalism is to our societies and how it is of uttermost importance to make sure that this institution lives on. MyHalda áfram að lesa „Are movies getting longer?“

How did my Euro 2016 betting operation do?

If you read my post just before the Euro 2016 started, you might be wondering how my model actually did. Well most likely you have not been wondering at all about that but I have decided to share with you how i did anyway. I did not do too bad. But before I go into the results, inHalda áfram að lesa „How did my Euro 2016 betting operation do?“

Yesterday was bad, fingers crossed today will be better

My model failed and everybody else succeeded. France won and my model lost (and climbed comfortably above Romania in the Fifa/Coca-cola index. But, that is too late form me, the model advised me and I am £2.00 poorer. Figure: my financial position after the first day: And for today, my money is on: Switzerland winningHalda áfram að lesa „Yesterday was bad, fingers crossed today will be better“