Why do women pay more for a haircut?

This article originally appeared  as a part of my regular column at Kjarninn.is. The original article is still available here (in Icelandic). I plan on publishing all my articles here on my blog in English (with some delay). Please forgive any typos as I can only afford so much time on translating the articles.  AHalda áfram að lesa „Why do women pay more for a haircut?“

A tombola with a bias

The other day I attended a street festival in a nearby street here in Cologne. Like any other street festival it offered a range of activities: home made food and cakes; flower headband workshop; and, of course, a tombola (also known as raffle in some places). Me, my partner and her brother purchased 5 ticketsHalda áfram að lesa „A tombola with a bias“

Can Ali Baba insure against Svala winning Eurovision tonight?

As I was scrolling through Facebook earlier I came across a post by one of my favourite Facebook friends, the kebab place in Reykjavik called Ali Baba. The first reason why Ali Baba has become such a good friend on Facebook is of course that they make the tastiest kebab place in the country. ItHalda áfram að lesa „Can Ali Baba insure against Svala winning Eurovision tonight?“

Are movies getting longer?

The other day I was watching the fantastic film Spotlight. After two hours and eight minutes the film concluded and two thoughts popped into my mind. First thought related to how incredibly important investigative journalism is to our societies and how it is of uttermost importance to make sure that this institution lives on. MyHalda áfram að lesa „Are movies getting longer?“