About Eikonomics

Welcome to my page.

My full name is Eiríkur Ragnarsson but no one ever calls me anything else than Eiki. Eikonomics is the name of the analytical umbrella under which all my economic and social analysis lives.

I am born and raised in Iceland, I studied economics in New Zealand and worked for a while in London, but have now married a German woman and settled in Marburg where we are doing our best to raise our baby boy.

The objective of the work I do under the Eikonomics hat (no longer an umbrella, now it’s a hat) is to produce solid, evidenced-based, deeply analytical analysis of anything that affects people in their daily live, but write it up and present it in a way in which anyone, analytical or not, can understand and enjoy.

Often I fail, but sometimes I manage.

Most of my content on this page is based on or related to my Eikonomics column at Kjarninn is in Icelandic. A few articles are available in English and soon I will dare to start writing also in German.

On this page you can: read some of my lighthearted articles or check out my book.

Like most humans I can be reached through email: eiki@eikonomics.eu.

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