My book

On 4 May 2021 I published my first book: Eikonomics — hagfræði á mannamáli, which roughly translates as Eikonomics — Economics in Human Tongue. The book is my attempt to bring economics out of the basements of Icelandic ivory towers (or perhaps whale-tusk towers) to the general public.

Here is the back cover copy of my book:

“Some people think that economics is dull subject that evolves entirety around price elasticity, the federal funds rate, gross domestic product and return on equity in the first quarter of last year. However, in the house of economics has many room, some of which few people ever enter; christmas-economics, party-economics, card-dealing economics, moonshine-brewing-economics to name a few.

Eiríkur Ásþór Ragnarsson — or Eiki — has since 2017 educate and entertained his fellow Icelanders with his column, Eikonomics, in one of Iceland’s top online newspapers, Kjarninn. Every month, Eiki sheds a light on everyday issues with the lantern of economics.

The book shows that economics is not just a toolkit of jargon and derivatives that lives in the basement of central banks. Economics is a broad useful subject, full of tool and techniques which further our understand of how people transacting behave, why they do so and what the impact of that behavior is.

Economics is not about money. It’s not about the federal funds rate. Economics is about people — people like you and me. And Roomba, the vacuum robot.

The book can be found in bookshops in Iceland (and on the airport) as well as it can be purchased directly from the publishers website, and by sending me an email (eiki at

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